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Company Vision

Everyone is healthy and wealthy. Everyone has the right to be health and we create wealth through health.

Company Mission

Everyone can achieve his life goal and dream with and only with good health, we deliver good health. We prevent chronic diseases and sub health by increasing and improving blood flow.
Meriwell Health Control System

Health test - from the blood vessels and blood

Microcirculation detection enables us to understand the state of qi & blood and microcirculation, and the location of the lesions can be known from the reflection area of the organs. Then, through the cell quantum weak magnetic field, we can understand the blood, blood vessels, organs and meridians health status, and compared with the microcirculation detection, in order to get more accurate conclusions.

Personalized health management programs

We can evaluate your personal health and provide health advice based on your personal physical condition and reflex of the lesion.

Improvement and preliminary experience effect

After 4 to 6 weeks, observe the changes of the body, and observe the subtle changes and improvement of the body.

Effect comparison and followup treatment

Return to the Meriwell Centre after 6 months with the oxysonic meter and have another health test to compare the results before and after use.

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