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Smart Sonic Device

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Smart Sonic Device

EEG brain delta wave therapy is to convert ordinary electric current into bioelectricity to repair brain neurons, balance neurotransmitters and solve our body condition from the source of our body.

Key to deep sleep

The Delta wave is the slowest wave of all the other five-brainwave frequencies. Delta wave is ranging from 0-4 Hz. Delta wave sleeping is the deepest stage of sleep; it plays a vital role in health and the well being of our body.


Deep sleep and repair

Delta waves can produce hormones such as DHEA and melatonin to reduce the process of aging, improve skin and body function and enhance our body health. It also helps to produce natural human growth hormone which helps restore physical strength and improve the immune system to further protect our body from disease.


The benefits of cleansing meridian

The device to provide holistic treatment
The holistic treatment provided by Sonic Oxygenic Device has successfully excluded the dilemma in acupuncture treatment, the worry of mind control in Qigong, etc. Sonic Oxygenic Device cleanses the twelve meridians and balances our organs with smooth energy flow, hence replenishing the whole body system

The Auto Qigong Device
With sufficient Qi, an aging organ will be replenished from low to high functioning organ. People without illness can also increase Qi energy to prevent chronic diseases and prevent illness

The Device Without Tolerance
In a Sonic Oxygenic treatment, no stimulation is applied on the human body (such as body temperature rise, electrical stimulation, changes in body magnetic field and other parameters).Sonic Oxygenic Device issues a specific low frequency sound wave which produces “resonance” with the meridian vessels but it will not change the frequency of the meridian vessels.

What is Resonance effect?

  1. Organs of the body work together with the beating heart and produce resonance. This function will deliver energy to various parts of the body. The initial resonance acts as a basic frequency of the heart, and then it projects from lower to higher frequency which is different but regular, like harmonic wave of music.
  2. It was discovered through scientific experiments that the heart does not function like a blood-pumping motor in the human body. When the blood surges up the aorta, it causes the blood vessels to produce ripples of vibration. At the same time, the body’s organs will produce vibration respectively during operation;when these two kinds of vibration combine into one, it will become resonance wave.
  3. The resonance theory had already been put forward in ‘Huang Di Inner Classic’ of TCM three thousand years ago. That is the theory of  Qi and blood. Blood is the mother of Qi. Qi is the assisting power for blood circulation. Both are closely related.
  4. In TCM, Qi is the ‘ resonance wave’. Qi promotes blood circulation throughout the body through the meridians. If there is a Qi and blood disorder, the body will fail to receive nutrients and oxygen supply, and naturally it will fall sick easily.

Weakened Resonance on Meridians Leads to Microcirculatory Disturbance

  1. Meridians are resonance units, so are organs of the body, especially the twelve meridians and the two veins of Ren and Du, which are the most important channels of our body’s Qi and blood. With the meridians resonance weakened, the efficiency of blood flow will be diminished, resulting in further microcirculatory disturbance and functional decline of body organ and aging. The most direct consequence is diminished oxygen supply in blood, hypoxia in tissues and cells, leading to the accumulation of ‘ acidified fluid’ and aging.
  2. Resonance is the source of Qi because in the best state of resonance, the blood can be circulated with very little energy. Qi is the sound wave transmitted in the blood vessels and blood. The resonance of this sound wave with the organs and each loop of resonance in hands and feet are formed one by one during the fetus stage of growth.

Sonic Wave Cleanse Meridians

  1. The vibration of sound waves is a kind of physical energy, and moderate physical energy will cause the human tissue cells to resonate. The resonance phenomenon caused by this sound wave will directly affect people's brain waves, heart rate, breathing rhythm, etc., giving people a comfortable feeling. Harmonious sound waves can increase the excitability of the cerebral cortex, improve people's emotions, inspire people's spirits, help eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, terror and other undesirable mental states, and improve stress ability.
  2. The sleep device breaks through the limitation of the two waveforms in the past, and adds harmonics aimed at dysfunction in the body, sub-healthy people.
  3. Resonance occurs when the sound waves deliver from smart sonic device is the same frequency as the human meridian. It clears the meridians and micro-circulation is smoothened. Overall performance of the various organs will be improved then.
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